Are your vehicles parked far from the arrivals?

No, all transfers vehicles are parked in a designated area of the airport.

Do I have to wait for the driver at the airport?

No, we will be at the airport at scheduled arrival time of your flight. We are proud for being always on time.

If my flight is late do I have to pay any extra charges?

We have a no charge policy for delayed flights.

How can I locate the GOLagos Driver?

After you collect your luggage and exit to the hall, you will see a GO Lagos Representative with a signboard with our logo and your name. They will help you finding your vehicle. If you cannot find him, please call us reporting the situation.

How long will you wait after the flight lands?

If you are taking longer than approximately an hour, we will try to contact you via mobile phone. If it is turned off or no answer, we consider a No Show airport transfer. We advise you to connect your phone as soon as you leave the plane.

If you have any luggage problems, please make sure you contact us, so we can wait until you have made all the arrangements to resolve the situation.


I want to book online, what happens next?

After you complete your online booking, you will receive a detailed confirmation voucher in your email with all the necessary instructions. You should print it and deliver to your driver.

I have finished my online booking, but I have not received my voucher. How should I proceed?

You should check your trash or junk mail box. If you still cannot find you booking voucher, please send us an email or phone call to help you.

I need a transfer in the next 4h? Can I book online?

 We only accept online bookings 12h prior the transfer. However, for a current day transfer, you can directly call us and see our availability.


Is there any extra charge for baby seats or booster seats?

No, we provide them free of charge. According to Portuguese law all children under 12 have to use one of those, as so please let us know in advance if this is your case.

I have children under 12 is there any special or reduced rates?

No, as every passenger take up a seat belt (mandatory according to the Portuguese law), children and toddlers count as one person.


Are your transfers direct to my accommodation?

Yes, we offer you private (just you and your party), non-stop, door to door transfers. Please make sure you provide us the right address to your accommodation when you make your online booking.

We are travelling in a party group; can you provide us an all together transfer?

If you are up to 8 persons you can all travel together in our Go Lagos minivan. If you are a larger group, please contact us for special arrangements.


I may have lots of luggage, a mountain bike, electric wheelchair etc. Will there be room?

You have the obligation to inform us of such items by email or in the booking itself and we will make the necessary arrangements. However extra charges may be applicable.

Will I get charged extra for transporting my golf clubs?

As long as each passenger brings only their own set of golf clubs, we will not charge extra for this.


If we decide to pay cash upon arrival for the airport transfer, is it compulsory to pay the full amount of the transfer upon arrival?

Our drivers are instructed to receive the full amount upon arrival to your accommodations but if needed, they can receive only for the transfer provided.

How many points do I need to earn in order for me to receive a free one-way transfer?

You must first create and pay for 9 one-way transfers before we offer you the 10th one-way transfer.


Do your prices include tolls to and from the airport?

Yes, the toll fees are already included in all the airport transfers within the Algarve. During the low season, the motorway can be used only if necessary between the cities of Albufeira and Tavira. In Lisbon Airport Transfers the motorway usage depends on many factors like traffic jams, cost effective (not all places have a gate nearby), etc and price is already included.

Are the transfers direct or do we stop en route?

All transfers are Private, just for yourself and your fellow passengers, direct and door-to-door.

Upon arrival, is it possible to stop at a local supermarket and if so, is there any extra charge?

We can stop only if it’s on route and if the driver does not have another service right after yours.

Do you offer guided tours?

No, we only provide Private Airport, golf and water-park transfers.


Can we eat or drink in the vehicles?

It is absolutely forbidden to eat or drink in the vehicles.

What equipments are available in the vehicles?

All of our fleet are equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile chargers to be used by all our guests for free. Unless the transfer is operated by a trusted Yellowfish Transfers supplier, insurance substitution vehicle or devices malfunction.

Can 9 passengers sit in a 8 seater minivan?

No, every passenger must be in their individual seat with their own seat belt (according to Portuguese law)